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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Schedules for visiting the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe:

All information available on this same website, specifically in: 

  • Vehicle parking areas:

The Plaza de Santa María de Guadalupe is closed to vehicle parking, only allowing vehicles to stop briefly to allow passengers or luggage to disembark. You will need to find a suitable parking spot outside the square. There is a large public car park, open-air and free of charge, located at the following address: Avda. Eusebio González:

  • Bus timetables:

Guadalupe is connected by bus to the following major cities: Madrid (Estación Sur), Cáceres, Trujillo, and Miajadas. These connections also connect with municipalities along the way. The two companies that cover all routes are as follows: y You can check the timetables for all routes on their respective websites always updated. Thank you.

  • Guadalupe Tourist Office Opening Hours:

Updated information is available on the Google listing for the Guadalupe Tourist Office:

  • Tour bus zones/routes and passenger drop-offs:

The designated parking area (and passenger drop-off zone) for tour buses is located at the following address: Passenger drop-offs and pick-ups are permitted at the bus shelter near the Guadalupe City Hall:, It is necessary to park the bus in the direction mentioned initially. It is prohibited to cross the Plaza de Santa María de Guadalupe (vertical road signs) by bus, so you will need to go around the town to connect the passenger drop-off zone at the Guadalupe City Hall with the bus parking area. Thank you.

  • Contact phone number for the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe for tourist visits for groups of tour operators, associations, or official visits:

The only phone number enabled for this case belongs to the Hospedería del Real Monasterio de Guadalupe (Accommodation of the monastery itself). They will be the ones to refer you to the monastery’s internal department of visits/tour guides and with whom you can manage reservations for exclusively large groups. Thank you. Contact phone number: 927367000.

  • Parking for Motorhomes/Campers:

There is no motorhome area with associated services as such in the town of Guadalupe. However, you will be able to have a suitable and comfortable space to spend the night at the following address: There is no cost and the access gate is open 24 hours a day. You will not be able to camp (the practices that imply) in this location due to regulations.

  • Gas Stations/Electric Vehicle Charging Points:

Guadalupe has two gas stations in the town. The location can be found at the two addresses listed below. There is also an electric vehicle charging point at the first address.

Weekly Market

A weekly food market is held in the municipality of Guadalupe. It is held every Wednesday of the week, except for special events. The streets affected are part of “Juan Pablo II avenue” and “Poeta Ángel Marina” street up to the Guadalupe City Hall. It is held throughout the morning, making it impossible to cross these streets by vehicle or park in them from the night before (vertical signage in these streets warns of the event the day before).

Tourism Accessibility in Guadalupe

  • Royal Monastery of Guadalupe:

The patio of the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe, which gives access to the monastery or the basilica, currently has an accessible walkway located on one of its sides for people with reduced mobility, thus avoiding the main staircase.

  • Basilica of the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe:

To access the interior of the Basilica of the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe, you need to climb a small staircase inside. There is an elevator attached to it to save this architectural element.

  • Guadalupe Tourism Office:

The Guadalupe Tourism Office is accessible for people with reduced mobility and collaborates with Plena Inclusión Extremadura and the Extremadura Cognitive Accessibility Office for an accessible tourism for everyone.

Tourist office

This page is merely informative, so the schedules for museum visiting hours, interpretation centers, and bus schedules may change throughout the year. For most up to date information, contact them directly.



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