We start from the Plaza de Santa María de Guadalupe ascending Calle Marqués de la Romana; then we turn left on Calle Nueva, we go up Calle Real until we reach Calle Caño de Abajo and Calle Matorral. From this point we ascend to the hermitage of Humilladero along the old path of the pilgrims who came from Castilla. This road is popularly known as “El Camino del Agua”, which runs parallel to the regional road EX-118 (Navalmoral de la Mata). In some sections, this road becomes a path from where the panoramic views of Puebla and its surroundings are captivating.

We arrive at the hermitage of Humilladero; construction of the XV century, masonry and brick with ribbed vault, pyramidal roof and roof with Arab tile. It has been a place where kings, nobles, saints, conquerors and pilgrims seized with emotion, prayed the salve before going down to town.

From this place we will ascend the western part of the “Cerro de la Cruz Brama”. until you reach the “Collado de la Cruz Vieja”, an old crossroads dominated by oaks and chestnut trees, cistus and broom (green-barked shrub).

We continue along the southern slopes of “Las Altamiras” and in its highest part, which is the

“Cerro de Pozuelo”, the panoramic views are amazing. The view fades in the distance observing the different heights of these Sierras of Pico Agudo, Cerro del Mo-ro, Palomera, Guadarranques,…. and, among this diversity of elevations, the beginning of Baja Extremadura can be seen in the distance.

On the slopes of Altamira, Guadalupe emerges like an island in this sea of ​​ocher and green tones that, among olive, oak and cork oak trees, proudly exhibits its cultural heritage to the curious traveler.

On our way we descend through a carpet of oak and chestnut leaves, where wild boars, roe deer and a great diversity of birds find refuge.

We continue to the Fuente de Valdeacedera, construction belonging to the year

1945, where we can cool off in Jeso Síl, if we are lucky and the water flows.

In our descent through the “Cuesta de los Almendros”, we reach the road.

From there we head back to town to the town square, where we can rest and enjoy broths and typical food from the town of Guadalupe.