We begin the route starting from the Plaza de Santa María de Guadalupe through the streets Gregorio López, Poeta Ángel Marina, Calvario and Plazuela de San Francisco, to cross the EX-118 highway, the threshing camino, to go down to the river, leaving to the right the path of the Valley of the Espino.

You can see how the landscape of olive groves and vineyards opens doors to the imagination playing with the unevenness of the terrain; on the sides of the road brambles grow and in their fields sheep graz

Accompanied by the Valhondo river, we will follow its course leaving the paths of the Valle del Peral and Valle de la Calera, a small town that belongs to the town of Alía.

Olive groves accompanied by the murmur of crystalline waters and the singing of birds, which transmit peace to the walker. Further on and also to the right, the path of San Anton, your views are similar

We will continue upwards leaving the meadows to the right, where we can see large oaks and cork oaks, recognizable by their bare trunks. Sierras and mountains play in the retina of the walker, how curious, you can look everywhere and discover a mosaic of agricultural and herding possibilities.

We arrive at the Casa de los Hawthorns (which is in ruins), where it is said that the Jerónimos wineries were located. Its construction is made of masonry and on its roofs there are remains of Arab tiles.

We will continue through the Tumbalobos ravine, so called because, according to the ancients, it was inhabited by wolves.

We will continue through the Caraballa, the Cardenillos and the Arroyo del Medio, which shelter the roots of large olive trees in their lands, thus reaching the road and the place of origin.